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It’s been a while since I checked in, but things have been moving along! I’ve been awarded a VCCA residency for the second half of this month. I’m looking forward to relaxing near the Blue Ridge mountains and getting some work done on stories and a new novel.

Speaking of novels… I’ve been accepted to the Intensive Novel Institute at the University of Kansas with Kij Johnson and Barbara J. Webb as instructors. I can’t wait to work once again with Kij, who was one of my Clarion West instructors, and to get to know Barbara after meeting her at Worldcon last summer.

More news to come, but in the meantime, I leave you with a juicy speculative erotica short, “omen Underwear,” which Great Jones Street published as part of their Valentine’s special.



“Chimeras” Makes the Longlist for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy

It’s been a whirlwind of a spring (I pulled together a 290-page creative thesis, I graduated from NC State’s MFA program) and a summer (trips to Seattle to see my Clarion West community and then to Kansas City for Worldcon). So whirlwindy, in fact, that I forgot to blast the news that my story “Chimeras“–the first story I sold, although Terraform beat Escape Pod to the punch in publishing me–is a Notable Story in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016.

What this means is that “Chimeras” was chosen from all of the stories published in 2015 to cross editor John Joseph Adams’ desk and placed on a longlist. The (about 80) stories on this list were then handed to guest editor Karen Joy Fowler, who chose the top 20 for publication in the anthology.

While it won’t be reprinted in the antho, I’m in good company with writers like Ted Chiang, Kelly Link, Sofia Samatar, Kij Johnson, Charlie Jane Anders (seriously, too many good writers to list here)… and colleagues of mine like Helena Bell and Alyssa Wong. Not to mention, Karen Joy Fowler! read my story. Not too bad for my first sale.

You can check out the Notable Stories here and pre-order the anthology on Amazon–or wait until your friendly neighborhood bookstore puts it on shelves in October.

Clarion West’s Write-a-thon

Clarion West 2016 is entering its fourth week today (already!), and I’ve been remiss in plugging their Write-a-thon. This year, I’m participating with actual funding goals. If you sponsor me at at the $5 level or beyond, you can get a sneak peek of what I’m working on now, which includes a neo-cyberpunk novelette set in 2040s Toronto and a Tiptree-inspired story about polyamory.

Can I raise at least $200 for Clarion West?

  • If you pledge $5 or more, I’ll send you the opening to the novelette.
  • If you pledge $15 or more, you’ll get the opening to the novelette as well as a quirky thank-you postcard, sent sometime within the next year.
  • If you pledge $50 or more, I’ll send you the full draft of the Tiptree story, when it’s complete.
  • If you pledge $100 or more, I’ll write you a piece of flash or micro-fiction (or, who knows, even longer fiction), based on one (or more) of three prompts you provide.
  • For $150 or more, make that a piece of erotica, with the same guidelines.

A bunch of great writers are sponsoring. Check it out!

Preparing for Clarion West


It’s been two years since I was anticipating beginning my Clarion West experience, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what to take into the workshop and what advice might be useful to up-and-coming CWies (I pronounce this in my head as “Cee-Dubbies,” because I’m a nerd).

Of course, first there are all the things you have to set in order before you leave—the day job or jobs (or the freelance work or however it is you make your way through the world), the family (once again, however you interpret this), getting your health affairs and bills and everything else in order. But how do you prepare for the workshop itself? I wish I had done a better job of this, so here’s my hindsight advice, take it or leave it: Continue reading

Artemis Rising II

I’m delighted to have a story appear in Escape Artists’ Artemis Rising II series. (It is forthcoming at Podcastle later this month!) And there’s a beautiful poster by Galen Dara featuring three “muses”–Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction–for sale through March 31. I’m stoked to have my name in such a lineup and under such gorgeous work.

Artemis Rising II poster


The SEA is Ours!

J. Young-Ju Harris

The company Rosarium Publishing is looking to create an anthology of short stories called THE SEA IS OURS, and they are holding open submissions to fill it. The stories should be in the Steampunk genre, but they also need to focus on characters from Southeast Asia or a Southeast Asia like place, if you want to write a story set in a completely fictional world.

I think this is an interesting project, and I enjoy any type of writing project that opens the door to exploring cultures outside of the West. I feel that one of the major problems with fantasy (and in many ways sci-fi) is its Western focus and mentality. In the case of traditional fantasy, too many stories and settings attempt to emulate or are overly inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, making them essentially all inspired by the medieval West.

Similarly in steampunk…

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